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Agri-Infohub: Empowering Farmers Through Access to Markets, Technology, and Knowledge

Join us as we work together to empower farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive. At Agri-Infohub, it’s all about creating a supportive and friendly environment that brings prosperity to every corner of the agricultural world.

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Fisheries and Coastal Management


Nestled within the stunning landscapes of Oriental Mindoro, aquaculture has taken root as a cornerstone of the local agricultural landscape. Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the rich aquatic heritage of the province, where pristine waters meet innovative farming practices.

Seeding Success

Unveiling Oriental Mindoro's Agricultural Investment Opportunities

Explore smart investment choices in agriculture on Agri-InfoHub’s Investment Opportunities page. Discover curated prospects, expert insights, and data-driven analyses for sustainable growth.

Rice Granary of MIMAROPA

Dive into investment prospects and harness the potential of thriving rice cultivation in Oriental Mindoro 



Calamansi King of the Country

Tap into the province's flourishing calamansi industry and seize the chance to be a part of its citrus success story.

Food Basket of the Southern Tagalog Region

Uncover investment horizons in Oriental Mindoro, the Food Basket of Southern Tagalog



Banana Industry Profile

Explore production insights and grasp investment possibilities in the Banana Industry of Oriental Mindoro.


Seaweed Farms

View the seaweed production profile and discover investment opportunities in the province of Oriental Mindoro within this aquatic venture.

High Value Fruits Crops

Access detailed production profiles and delve into the thriving cultivation practices that shape the province's bountiful harvests.


Value Added Agriculture

Our mission is to empower farmers and agripreneurs with innovative strategies that transform raw agricultural products into high-demand, premium goods. Value-Added Agriculture is a game-changing approach that goes beyond traditional farming, allowing you to unlock new realms of profitability and sustainability.

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Provincial Demo Farm

Agri-preneur Incubator: Creating A New Breed of Mindoreno Farmers

Step into the heart of agricultural innovation with a visit to the Oriental Mindoro Provincial Demo Farm, where cutting-edge practices, technology, and sustainable methods converge. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences, insightful demonstrations, and expert guidance that showcase the province’s commitment to advancing its farming landscape. 

A commodity-based learning facility for agri-preneurs adopting the value-chain approach to increase profitability from farming
An enabling ecosystem for existing and would-be agri-entrepreneurs.
Learning facility for agriculture/agri-business students to promote youth enrollment in agriculture

Climate-Smart Agriculture

Why is Climate-Smart Agriculture Needed?

In pursuit of food security and agricultural progress, it’s imperative to embrace climate change adaptation and reduce emission intensities per output, all while safeguarding our precious natural resources.

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Latest News & Articles

Food Innovation Festival 2023: Lutong Mindoreño

The Province of Oriental Mindoror celebrated its 73rd founding  anniversary, known as “FIESTA MAHAL TANA” from November 13 to 15, 2023. One of the main activities was the Food Innovation Festival, orchestrated by the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office. This marked the third iteration of the festival, dubbed “Food Innovation Festival: Lutong

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PAGO, ATI pursues Roadmap for Oriental Mindoro Priority Commodities

The Provincial Agriculturist’s Office in partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute – MIMAROPA embarked to establish commodity industry roadmaps of priority commodities of Oriental Mindoro that includes coconut, banana, onion, bangus and tilapia, and swine. On October 6, 2023, ATI-MIMAROPA awarded the Provincial Government through PAGO with P1.198M financial assistance

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PAGO, MFI Raise MPA Awareness Among Youth

To promote the importance of Marine Protected Areas, the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office in partnership with the Malampaya Foundation, Inc. conducted the Environmental Youth Action Camp which was  participated by 115 senior high school and college students coming from the different municipalities of the province. This activity has been regularly conducted

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