PAGO extends support to IP communities in Victoria and Roxas

The Provincial Agriculturist’s Office has distributed agri-inputs and assorted planting materials to Indigenous People (IP) communities in Villa Cervesa, Victoria and San Vicente, Roxas. On May 12, 2022, 12 IP sitio leaders from Villa Cervesa, Roxas received on behalf of their respective communities 100 calamansi seedlings, 100 rambutan seedlings, 100 lanzones seedlings, 25 sets of assorted vegetable seeds and 10 bags of corn seeds. Engr. Christian Generato M. Generato, Agriculturist II led the PAGO distribution team, where they also provided a technical briefing on production technologies for corn.

Meanwhile, on June 22, 2022 PAGO technical staff led by Mr. Venerando M. Sanchez, Jr. conducted lecture cum training on Integrated Banana and Pineapple Production for members of the IP community in San Vicente, Roxas. Mr. Jorge C. Gawad, PAGO staff presented the strategies on integrated cropping for pineapple and banana. PAGO also distributed a set of agricultural tools that includes rakes, shovels, sprinklers, pruning shears, and plastic drum. 2 bags of lagkitan corn seeds and assorted IEC materials were also provided to the IP community. This particular activity is in support of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) project on Integrated Banana and Pineapple Production being implemented in Oriental Mindoro.

Assistance to IPs is a regular undertaking of PAGO through its Food Security for IPs Program. Annually the office provided various agricultural interventions distributed in the different IP communities in the province. Provision of abaca planting materials and capacity development on abaca production is one of the major projects under this program, in 2021 more than 3,700 pieces of abaca planting materials were distributed by PAGO.