Pre-Qualification Criteria:

    All applicants must be duly registered with no pending complaints filed against him/her and may be among any of the following:

  • ▪ Fuel/ hazardous cargo handlers
  • ▪ drugstores providing phamaceutical products
  • ▪ hardwares and construction companies and commercial establishments with deputized escort staff and vehicles
  • ▪ All livestock, poultry and by-products haulers/traders (must have a handler’s license and accreditation as pre-requisite )
  • ▪ Local truckers that had traversed the OMFC for a minimum of five (5) times since the Enhanced/General Community Quarantine Period

Checklist of Requirements

  • ▪ Scanned copy of Official Receipt of Registration
  • ▪ Scanned copy of Certificate of Registration
  • ▪ Scanned copy of Business Permit
  • ▪ Duly accomplished OMFC Accreditation Application Form
  • ▪ Accomplished OMFC Reference Form
  • ▪ Duly accomplished Statement of Commitment
  • ▪ Duly accomplished Statement of Commitment
  • ▪ Scanned copy of Company ID for the helpers
  • ▪ In case of livestock, poultry and by-products, scanned copy of handler’s license and accreditation of transport carriers issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and accreditation of meat transport vehicle issued by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)