Oriental Mindoro Investment Opportunities


Investment Areas in Agriculture

•High value crop production:
Organic Rice, fruit and vegetable production, commercial/community orchards
•Agro-processing and agri-business enterprises
•Farm tourism-oriented establishments and service

Farm Tourism

Rice Granary of MIMAROPA

2021 Average rice production: 394,864.51 MT from an effective harvestable average area ,of 102,216 hectares at an average yield of 3.86 MT/ha
Rice Sufficiency Level of 231%

PSA- Country Stat, 2021

Calamansi King of the Country

The province ranks 1st in Calamansi production in the country with 31.51% contribution to national production and 96.77% to the regional output (PSA, 2020)

Average Area
5,883.41 hectares (PSA, 2015-20)

Average Production (PSA- Country Stat, 2015- 2020)
47,781.62 metric tons

Yield (MT/ ha)
5.82 (PSA, 2020)

Number of Farmers

Number of Processors (Calamansi Ready-to-Drink Juice/Concentrate)

Farm Gate Price
Peak season- Php 10.01/ kilo
Lean Season Php 24.62/ kilo

Ave Retail Price
Lean Season Php 24.62/ kilo
Lean Season Php 50.65/ kilo

PSA- Country Stat, 2015- 2020

Banana Industry Profile

The province ranks 2nd in Banana production in the region with 32.82% contribution to regional output (PSA, 2020)

Average Area:
13,984.98 hectares (PSA 2015-2020)

Average Production (2015-2020):
63,018.72 metric tons
32.82% to the regional output

Number of Farmers:

Number of Processors (Banana Chips):

Farm Gate Price:
Php 18.25/ kg (Saba, 2021)

Retail Price:
Php 51.44/kg

PSA- Country Stat, 2015- 2020


Average Area:
32,516.80 hectares (PSA, 2015-20)

Average Production (2015-2020):
67,721.47 MT (PSA)

1.70 MT/ HA

Number of Farmers:

Number of VCO Processors:

Farm Gate Price:
Coconut green, young 'buko‘- PhP 8.46 per kg (PSA,2021)
Coconut matured – PhP 8.11 per kg (PSA, 2021)

Retail Price:
Coconut Matured- PhP26.06 per kg; (CASEMPCO)
PhP 450.00 per liter of VCO

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